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Ranked among the Top Marketing Consultants in the United States and the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies, EMM is committed to providing excellence in deliverables and outcomes. Specializing in strategy, thought leadership, and industry-specific campaigns, the geeks at EMM produce high quality, engaging, and interactive marketing.

At EMM, excellense is more than a buzzword. Take a look.


2023 Lori Stutsman Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders

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2022 Best Social Media Marketing Agency*


2022 Top Marketing Consultants in the United States**



2019 Executive Board Member, Elected Treasurer of WBO

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2017 Finalist, Nellie Cashman Business Owner of the Year

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2016 Finalist, King County Small Business of the Year Award

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2015 Finalist, Microsoft Supplier of the Year



Donates 2,500 Sandwiches to the Homeless

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2015 Nominee, King County Small Business Award

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2015 Washington Excellence Award

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2011 Rookie of the Year Cloudy Award


* Best Social Media Marketing Agency issued by Expertise.com in Jan 2022.
** Top Marketing Consultants in the United States issued by UpCity.com in Jan 2022.


Since our inception in 2003, we have been fortunate to partner with many organizations along the way.
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I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks. I keep looking at the site and truly just blown away. Every last bit of it is amazing and a work of art. I know it’s been filled (and still is!) with hours, hours, and more hours of passion, work, love and probably a bit of pain too. It is a gift to QorusDocs and will forever impact us internally and externally. Internally it has given us a sense of pride and unity I have not seen in the last 7 years. Externally, it will provide our window to the world of the brand we aspire to become. Without this, there would be no way to achieve that. Thanks doesn’t cut it, but it’s a start. My deep appreciation to you all.

Michelle Revsbech
Michelle Revsbech
Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, QorusDocs QorusDocs