The journey of a thousand miles begins with 

one step.


In Business Since 2003

1,000+ Successful Projects

10,000+ Sandwiches Donated to Charity

8,000+ Volunteer Hours

7,000 Companies Consulted

25 Different Countries


Extra Mile Marketing was formed in early 2003, bringing together a team of consultants who each had 20+ years experience at advertising agencies, Fortune 500 firms, start-ups, and mid-sized organizations. The marketplace quickly responded to EMM's business to business marketing expertise and Microsoft became one of its early key accounts.

Over the years, several clients have been added, including HPE, Dell, Rackspace, and Avanade, allowing EMM to gain significant expertise in developing partner channels that expand a company's reach, thereby increasing sales potential exponentially.

  • Happy birthday to….us! EMM was started on (or around) March 22, 2003. Coincidentally, this is both Lori's and Mike's (the very first EMM team members) birthday. As you can imagine, EMM has quite a bit to celebrate every year.

  • Movin’ on up! Our first year was such a success, we outgrew our original digs, and moved to a new (bigger) office space in Bellevue.

  • Happy 2nd birthday! EMM passed the critical “2 year” mark and hasn’t looked back since. Our client list grew significantly that year, adding clients in the healthcare and banking industries to our roster.

  • Expanding! We moved to a new office space to accommodate our amazing growth. This is the year we crossed the $1 million threshold, which is a significant milestone.

  • Oh my how we’ve grown. We completed our most successful year since inception, with year over year growth of more than 50%. Our team also grows with the addition of Lisa, our brilliant senior project manager and foster dog mom.

  • Extra Mile turns five years old. We now have a permanent staff of eight and an additional network that includes more than 15 terrific consultants.

  • Taking on the cloud. We took on our first major cloud project, positioning EMM as a leader in cloud marketing. Always thinking of others before herself, Lori completes her 7th year on the Board of Directors for Friends of Youth.

  • Keep on running. Continuing on our mission to help small businesses succeed, we worked with our 7,000th Microsoft partner this year. Beyond business, Siiri, one of our early EMM team members, completed her first half marathon. You go girl!

  • Moving to a new Office, in more ways than one. EMM helped both Microsoft and Dell launch go-to-market campaigns for the new solution: Office 365. In addition, we stretched our wings and expanded our office, yet again, to our current location.

  • Celebration time! EMM celebrated being in business for more than a decade and took on more projects marketing Microsoft Azure. Abbie, our resident digital marketing expert, joins our team.

  • Lights, camera, action! EMM worked with the Microsoft partner team to create the Best Practices in Marketing on-demand video training series. Lori's TedTalk style videos were watched by Microsoft partners all over the world.

  • What an amazing year! EMM was a finalist for the prestegious Microsoft Supplier of the Year award and celebrated 12 years working with Microsoft. In addition, Lori and Kari travelled the US training partners at the SMB Live Roadshow. Our amazing team got even better with the addition of Jess, our all-star project manager, and Homa, our project coordinator and all-around data guru.

  • And the Oscar goes to…EMM was nominated as a finalist for Small Business of the year for King County. In addition, our team completed its 200th consult with Microsoft partners in the US SMB Concierge Care program.

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Well done. I am thankful for our partnership and the continued opportunity we have to influence an entire industry. Thank you for your continued outstanding efforts.

Microsoft Senior Director Microsoft