BDO Digital

BDO Digital

BDO Digital

BDO Digital is a new sub-brand and wanted to communicate the unique advantages of BDO Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. They sought to drive business development and create leads for a demo.

Understanding their needs:

EMM created several thought leadership pieces to educate prospects on BDO’s intelligent security capabilities, including detection, investigation, and response. It was also a primary goal to tell a Microsoft + BDO ‘Better Together’ story.

How we helped:


Using a creative narrative, EMM told the story of an executive at a fictional company plagued by security nightmares. Our eBook sought to illustrate how BDO Digital MDR solution could solve for pain points including: automating threat response, eliminating outdated processes, and unifying security solutions. This eBook was the centerpiece of the campaign and served as a jumping off point for a promotional email series.














As part of the strategic approach to creating these materials, EMM and BDO Digital decided to create a video that could be used as a promotional piece to highlight their security offerings across various platforms. This educational video showcased BDO MDR in action and emphasized the real-time managed security monitoring, leveraging Microsoft Azure Sentinel.



After meeting with BDO Digital subject matter experts, we decided on an infographic that would show how organizations are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving security threats. The infographic illustrated the challenges that modern organizations face and how BDO Digital MDR and Microsoft Azure Sentinel provides a unified solution addressing those pain points.


Social Media Campaign and Guidebook

We took a holistic approach to the social media component of this campaign. EMM created a series of 24 social posts to market the eBook, infographic, and video, as well as create general brand awareness of the BDO Digital MDR solution. Then we put together a comprehensive guidebook that included best practices for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and a tailored analysis and recommendations for BDO’s social channels.


Sales Battlecard

To equip the sales team and educate prospects about the BDO Digital MDR solution, EMM created a sales battlecard. This 2-page document included streamlined talking points to help the sales team provide engaging information that addresses specific customer pain points, how to address common objections, and how BDO Digital differs from other solutions.


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